2015 Student Presentation Awards

Prizes for outstanding Pi Mu Epsilon student talks, presented to students at the Pi Mu Epsilon Banquet and Award Ceremony Friday, August 7, 2015 in Washington DC

Council for Undergraduate Research Award for Outstanding Student Research

Megan Rodriguez, Hood College, “Graph Theory Representations and Computational Complexity of Sliding Block Ice Puzzles Inspired by Legends of Zelda ”

Awards funded by the American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, and Budapest Semesters in Mathematics for Excellence in Student Exposition or Research

  • Anna Snyder, Hope College, “An Extension of a Theorem of Polya”
  • Monica Busser, Youngstown State University, “Unique Hamiltonicity and Computational Algebraic Geometry”
  • William O’Brochta, Hendrix College, “Rational Decision-Making Models of Conflicts in the 1990s”
  • Madeline Hansalik, Texas A&M, “Magnetic Spectral Decimation on Self-Similar Fractals”
  • Elliot Golias, Kent State University, “Geometry to Number Theory: Minkowski’s Theorem”
  • Sarah Hilsman, Hope College, “Real Algebraic Level Curves and the Intersection of Lines of Positive Slope”
  • Zack While, Youngstown State University, “The Ultimate Mind-Bender: Futurama’s Mind-Switching Problem”
  • Douglas Knowles, SUNY Geneseo, “Finite Fun with Numerical Ranges”
  • Daniel Giles, Portland State University, “Convex Optimization Methods for the Smallest Intersecting Ball Problem”
  • John Vastola, University of Central Florida, “On the Structure and Calculation of a Class of Infinitely Nested Radicals”
  • Samantha Parsons, Roanoke College, “Interests in Conflict: Supporting Scientific Development and Ensuring Data Security”
  • Sharat Chandra, University of California, Irvine, “On the Morphology of Arithmetic Sums of Cantor Sets”
  • Jack Jenkins, SUNY Geneseo, “There’s a Glitch in the Matrix!”
  • AJ Vogt, Duquesne University, “A Mathematical Framework for Evaluating a Cost-effective Balance of Human Trafficking Prevention and Aid Resources”
  • Cole Watson, Hope College, “Graph Pebbling and Graham’s Conjecture”
  • Jack Ryan, North Central College, “Recognition of Textural Differences in Infrared and Ultraviolet Images Using Fractal Characteristics”
  • Megan Chambers, Youngstown State University, “An Agent-based Model of Eleutherodactylus coqui on the Big Island of Hawaii”

Janet L. Andersen Award for Outstanding Student Exposition or Research in Mathematical or Computational Biology presented by BioSIGMAA

•   Gabrielle K. Van Scoy, Youngstown State University, “A Bone Eat BoneWorld: Math Models of Bone Metabolism”

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Award for Outstanding Student Exposition or Research in Applied Mathematics

  • David Stoner, South Aiken High School, “On the Minimal Reset Words of Synchronizing Automata”

MAA Special Interest Group Award for Outstanding Student Exposition or Research in Environmental Mathematics

  • Eric Shehadi, Youngstown State University, “Cellular Automata and Shrinking Cities: An Investigation of the Spatial Distribution of Blight in Youngstown, Ohio”