Student Paper Evaluation Form


Name of Presenter


Title of Paper


To the Evaluator: Please evaluate the student paper on each of the criteria below using the following scale. Turn in your evaluation to the moderator by the end of the session.

5 Exemplary (one of the best student papers I have ever heard)

4 Excellent (strong candidate for an award; comparable to past award winners)

3 Good (possible candidate for an award)

2 Adequate (probably not a candidate for an award)

1 Not recommended for an award

A. Topic and Level [appropriateness for anticipated audience] ____

B. Organization/Preparation [structure; depth and breadth of allotted time] ____

C. Presentation [diction; clarity; pace; enthusiasm; rapport with audience] ____

D. Understanding [command of subject; responsiveness to questions] ____

E. Use of visual aids [readability; complementarity with oral presentation] ____

F. Exposition [general interest in subject; integration of ideas; scope]Or Research: [quality; originality in content and/or approach] ____

Total Score ____