Chapter Reactivation

The Pi Mu Epsilon Secretary-Treasurer maintains a list of inactive chapters. According to the Pi Mu Epsilon Constitution, “[a]ny Chapter that fails to induct new members for a period of three consecutive years shall be deemed Inactive.”

Once a Chapter has been declared Inactive, the Chapter may become Active by demonstrating to the satisfaction of the Pi Mu Epsilon Council that the following conditions have been met:

  1. There is an enthusiastic faculty member willing to assume the role of Chapter Advisor.
  2. There is a faculty member willing to assume the role of Permanent Faculty Correspondent.
  3. The administration of the department and the institution are supportive of the goals of Pi Mu Epsilon.
  4. There is a sufficient number of students qualified for membership and interested in becoming members of the Chapter.

These four conditions must be demonstrated by submitting the following letters to the PME Secretary-Treasurer:

  1. Signed, written endorsements from the chair of the mathematics department and a senior academic officer of the institution. Letters from the department chair and administrator outside the department should include the following:
    • A promise from the chair that a department faculty member serve in the role as chapter advisor during each academic year, and an indication of whether the individual will be selected through a process of appointment, election, etc.
    • A promise that the chapter will be provided meeting space and supported by the department and institution.
    • A brief summary of how other institutional resources will be utilized to promote Pi Mu Epsilon’s mission. Examples can include a description of institutional policies for granting additional funding for undergraduate student travel to conferences, institutional mechanisms for disseminating student scholarship, e.g.  student research days, and so on.
  2. The proposed Chapter Advisor and the proposed Permanent Faculty Correspondent shall submit signed statements indicating their willingness to accept the responsibilities of fulfilling these roles. If one faculty member fills both roles, one letter will suffice. The letter from the Chapter Advisor should include a commitment to the following:
    • New members will be inducted at least once annually in a manner spelled out by the PME constitution.
    • Activities sponsored by the chapter and/or student math organization will take place on a regular basis, ideally at least once each month.
    • Information regarding services provided by the national organization, e.g. funding opportunities to speak in PME sessions at MathFest, will be communicated to student members as soon as the advisor receives this information from the PME Secretary-Treasurer each year.
    • Acceptance of ultimate responsibility for ensuring all initiation fees are paid in a timely manner.
    • Any change in advisor or PFC will be communicated to the PME Secretary-Treasurer promptly.

Inactive Chapters that believe these reactivation requirements can be met should contact the Pi Mu Epsilon President. Once reactivation has been approved, the President will contact the Chapter in writing.

The President will designate a member of Council to conduct the first induction ceremony of the reactivated Chapter. Expenses for such a visit are the responsibility of the reactivated Chapter but may be partial covered by a Good Lectureship Grant. All Chapters applying for reactivation are required to apply for a Good Lectureship Grant. If awarded this grant will provide $500 toward the travel costs of the council member assigned to reinstall the chapter. Any travel expenses above $500 will be the responsibility of the chapter.