PME Grant Applications

Pi Mu Epsilon funds three different types of grants:

1. Richard A Good Lectureship Grants: These grants provide up to $500 to fund the travel expenses of member of the Pi Mu Epsilon council to visit your department, give a mathematical presentation, and discuss with faculty and students various means for maintaining an active, vibrant chapter.  Any expenses over $500 will be the responsibility of the Chapter.  Pi Mu Epsilon’s President will select one of the national Councillors to visit the Chapter and give the Lecture on a mutually convenient schedule. If the Chapter wishes, it may invite students and faculty from nearby Pi Mu Epsilon Chapters or other four-year institutions to attend the Lecture. Good Lectureship Grants cannot be combined with Conference Grants. Chapters that have received this grant in the past three years need special justification for a repeat of the grant.

2. Prize Grants: Grant awards are for up to $100 and must be matched by the chapter (or other funding source). These may be used to fund prizes for math contests involving students in your chapter and/or at your institution and/or area high school students. They may be also used to fund awards for outstanding mathematical achievement. Examples include freshman calculus contests, mathematics essay writing contests, or anything else for which a prize can be given for mathematical achievement. The prizes may be cash prizes, books, or other awards purchased with the money.

3. Conference Grants: Grant awards are for up to $300 and must be matched by the host chapter (or other funding source). Grants are to be used to offset the costs of hosting a scholarly activity, such as a meeting, involving members of your Chapter and those of other Pi Mu Epsilon Chapters in your area. Examples of acceptable scholarly activities are a mathematics conferences or mathematics competitions for the students in the Chapters involved. The funds can offset the costs of such things as refreshments and printing programs. Regional undergraduate mathematics conferences that are sponsored by a chapter of PME and whose programs are, in the majority, focused on student presentations may also apply for this $300 grant. These grants cannot be combined with grants from the Pi Mu Epsilon Lectureship program.

Any chapter awarded a grant of must submit a chapter report no later than June 30th of the year in which the event (contest, conference, lectureship visit) takes place. This report must summarize the award outcomes. A chapter that does not file a report by this deadline will be ineligible for any grant award during the subsequent fiscal year. In no circumstances will a chapter receiving grant funding be permitted to induct new students until it has filed a chapter report.

To apply for a grant of any of these types, please complete the application form below. Use the space provided to describe your plans. Once you have submitted it, contact the Pi Mu Epsilon Secretary-Treasurer at and let her know that you have filed an application. The council will review your application in a timely manner and contact you when it has reached a decision.

Pi Mu Epsilon Grant Application Form

  • Example: Michigan Iota
  • Please provide the Name and Address where the grant check should be sent and the name that should be on the check.