PME Journal Online Index

The Index contains information from all issues of the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal through 2001.Formats of the searchable fields are described below. Searches are not case sensitive.

  • Title: This field searches for all or any part of the title of a journal article. Mathematics symbols are not currently entirely searchable.
  • Issue: This field searches for journal issue numbers. Journal issue numbers are entered as “x:y” where x is the volume and y is the number.
  • Date: This field searches for journal issue dates. Journal issue dates are entered as “x y” where x is either “fall” or “spring” and where y is a four digit year.
  • Pages: This field searches for the page numbers of an article. Article page numbers are entered as “x-y” where x is the start page number and y is the end page number.
  • Andree Award: This field searchs for articles written by undergraduates that have won a Richard V. Andree Award for one of the best papers published in a given year. Entering a four digit year will search for all winners in that year. In some years the award winners are designated “1st,” “2nd,” and “3rd” while in other years the winners are given no place designations.
  • Author: This field searches for any author of a journal article. For articles with multiple authors, only one name is needed to search.
  • Student: This fields searchs for papers written by undergraduates. For each article author this field contains either “yes” or “no” depending on whether or not the author was a student at the time the paper was written.
  • Institution: This field contains the affliation of each author of any article.
  • Advisor: For those articles authored by undergraduates, this field contains the name of the faculty advisor for the paper.