Washington Epsilon Chapter Report

Institution: Gonzaga University

Reporting Year: 2016-2017

Advisor: Bonni Dichone

Advisor's Email Address: dichone@gonzaga.edu

Has There Been a Change in Chapter Advisor During the Past Year?: Yes

Permanent Faculty Correspondent: Jason Lutz

Permanent Faculty Correspondent's Email Address: lutzj@gonzaga.edu

Officers: President: Sharon Henzler // Vice-President: Francis Mana-ay // Executive Committee: Steven Beres, Hayley Olson

Chapter Website: http://

Number of New Members: 13

Number of Continuing Members: 9

Activities: The PME activities are tied with Gonzaga's Math Club activities, meeting once a month. Several students attended and presented at the PNW MAA Meeting (June 17-18, 2017 in Spokane, WA).

Do any of your chapter members plan to attend or present at the PME National Meeting this year? Trent DiGiovanni presented a talk entitled "Most Economical Common Dissection of a Square and Equilateral Triangle". Not only did Trent participate in the PME student presentation session, he was one of 20 prize winning students (selected out of the 76 PME student presenters). But, Trent was not merely one of the top 20 presenters----he was the top presenter, receiving the CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research) award for the best student research talk. There were two scores given to each speaker a set of three judges. Trent received the top marks in both categories.

Do you have any news about current students or recent graduations? For example, scholarships or other awards, acceptances to graduate school, paper presentations at conferences, etc.
The following students graduated: Andrew Burke, Francis Mana-ay, Hayley Anne Olson, James Andrew Sherman, Jasmine E. Jans, Kristina M. Spring, Lauren Saunders, Leah Tolkov, McKenzie Ann Andreatta, McKenzie McManus Horner, Ryan C. Lattanzi, Sharon Henzler, Steven R. Beres, Sydney Laughton // Sharon Henzler received the award for the highest GPA in her graduating class and has taken a Senior Data Analyst position with Liberty Mutual at their headquarters in Boston. // Lauren Saunders received the 2017 School of Education Academic Excellence award in elementary education. // Francis Mana-ay just returned from a choir tour in Zambia to start a position with Ecova. // Hayley Anne Olson is attending graduate school at University of Nebraska. // Ryan C. Lattanzi is attending graduate school at Washington State University.

If you were awarded a PME Lectureship, Conference, or Prize Grant within the past year, please briefly describe the results.
We were awarded a Prize Grant, which we used to help award: Carsrud Award (top graduating senior), Junior Awards (MAA memberships), Service Award (outstanding service to the department), Putnam Award (highest score on the Putnam Exam) Freshman Award (outstanding freshman). We held the departmental awards ceremony in conjunction with the PME Induction. // We also received a Conference Grant, which we used to help fund student events at the PNW MAA Annual Regional Meeting, which took place on Gonzaga's campus June 17-18, 2017.